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frequently asked questions

How do I book an appointment?
Scheduling an appointment is simple, quick, and convenient.
Go to the "PRICING / BOOKING" tab, scroll to the bottom where it says "BOOK AN APPOINTMENT", make sure you read the pre-reqs / policies and guidelines, then choose "SCHEDULE NOW". You will then be redirected to the booking website where you will choose your service along with the day and time you'd prefer. You will be required to pay a nonrefundable appointment retainer fee of $200 which will be credited toward your total the day of your appointment.

How will you know how to shape my eyebrows?
I use a very intricate mapping technique to map your shape. I always use your natural facial features to take measurements and create your own shape. Each person has their own unique eyebrow shape, and going with the natural flow of things will always compliment your face and give you the best looking results. This shape may not be the shape you are used to wearing daily, so you should be prepared for a bit of a change prior to booking your appointment. Trust your artist!

How long does the healing take?
Typically brows begin to peel 3-5 days after your appointment. The peeling process takes 7-10 days on average. Its extremely important that you do not pick or pull any skin off during this process. After your brows are completely peeled, they will seem light until your skin has healed completely. Expect your brows to slowly darken up until around week 5. Trust the process!

How many weeks should I book before an important event?
You should plan to have both sessions completed at least 6 weeks before the date of your event. This means you should start the process at least 12 weeks before the event that way your brows are completely healed from your touch up session.

Can I get my brows done while pregnant or nursing?
Pregnant - no.
Nursing - yes, BUT... you will not be able to nurse for at least 3 hours following your appointment and I recommend "pumping and dumping" once before you continue to nurse.

Why can't I have alcohol/caffeine/aspirin 24 hours before my appointment?
All of these things are anticoagulants and will thin your blood. If you are bleeding excessively during your procedure, it can continuously push the pigment out of your skin which causes your artist to have to work harder to implant the pigment. This will lead to more skin trauma as well as poor healed results. Just don't do it.

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